Winding Down for Christmas

Christmas GRAPHIC

Winding Down for Christmas

Christmas is just about to hit us well and truly in the face and I haven’t even started Christmas Shopping (Ooops)! We are closing the office for two weeks over Christmas and the New Year period and the idea of trying to put my autoresponder on and switch the notifications off on my emails terrifies me!

When you run your own business, it’s like having a small child, however, it is important to switch off and spend time with those around you without the worry of work in the background.

First off make sure you tell your clients that are you closing for Christmas and you give them an on-call contact that they can get in touch with if there is an emergency and manage the exceptions of what they are to use this contact.

Setting Expectations

Make sure you wrap up any urgent work for your clients but make sure you have planned enough time to do this. This year we spent a lot of December scheduling content for our social media clients meaning that we weren’t rushing around towards the office close making sure we were fully prepared.

Plan-in time for planning and spend your first day in the office setting goals and planning your business for 2020. When we first launched intoitMEDIA we spent the first year learning how to do business and this has allowed us to set targets that are benefiting the business every step.

Turn your email off!

Don’t be afraid to put your autoresponder on and turn your notifications off, your clients understand you also need a Christmas so make sure you do this! You are allowed a break so make sure you get comfy in front of the TV and put a Christmas film on with a glass of wine in near reach. I hope that helps you workaholics out there feel a little bit more relaxed about turning off your emails over the festive season!

I would like to wish our clients a very happy festive season and can’t wait for 2020! There is so much planned for 2020 and intoitMEDIA is going from strength to strength so make sure you keep an eye on our blog and socials for what we are getting up to!

Adz x


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