The January Slog

The January Slog

Adam WoodWebsite & Design Expert.

January! What a month and who asked for it? No one! But here we are, and if you remember before Christmas I wrote a blog on winding down and I was very very excited for it. However now I am back in the office, it’s hard getting back into the routine of it! With an office move happening at the end of the month and working on some big projects, I feel very overwhelmed but I have seemed to crack getting back into the swing of things.

As an office we are very excited to move back to where it all began for us in Sunderland. It’s amazing how much stuff you collect for the office, for example, who knew we’d ever need desk fans but we have those! Moving back to Sunderland may seem a little backwards to some people but I think as a business, this is a good move for us.

We had a business planning day at the start of the month and as you can imagine we did a bit of planning but did spend the day catching up and also eating pizza (I mean the eating pizza is something we often do)! We set some big goals for intoitMEDIA this year and we really want to achieve these and grow as a business across the next 12 months!

Shall we say the first ‘proper’ week back was really not one of the most useful weeks we have ever had as a business because no one could get motivated. I wanted to share some tips with you on how to motivate yourself to get back into the swing of things after any break whether that’s Christmas or just a holiday!

Tip 1

Make sure you start the year with a fresh look! So that could be having a bit of a tidy up of your desk – everyone in the office has a sh*t draw so that is always a good place to start. Have a good look through the things you just don’t need anymore – it’s amazing how much you stuff you collect.

Tip 2

Catch up with your clients, spend some time talking to them about what they want to get out of this year, find out their goals and aspirations. It is important that you can be part of that journey too and see how you can both work together to hit your goals.

Tip 3

Make positive changes to your working methods so for me this has meant make to do lists and working through these to make sure I know exactly where I am up to and can plan my work load effectively.

Tip 4

Spend some time on your development. Make sure you give yourself time during the week to keep up to date with the latest in your industry.

Tip 5

You do you! This I think is the most important tip of them all! You need to do what works for you and by no means is this list an exhaustive list so make sure what you are doing works for you.

If you do have any tips on how to get out of the January slog I would love to hear them!

We are currently working on a very exciting project with Sunderland City Council, The BFI and Film Hub North that I can’t wait to tell you all about very very soon!

Adz x

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