February 2020

Today we talk a lot about creating engaging content because that's what the algorithms want. But are we right to focus on engagement? Matthew Sweezey, said that 'Your customers aren't in it to be engaged, they're looking to be entertained'. This is the Principal of Marketing Insights for Salesforce.com. He's also an author and contributor of Forbes and Harvard Business. And why is it so important? Well, because now there is so much choice and so much access to information, you need to make sure that your customer, your audience, sees and buys into your content. The Sales Relationship Businesses forget

Today I’m talking about trust! Don’t worry this isn’t Love Island, but about trusting other people in your business, from staff and allowing employees to upskill so they can be more beneficial and cost effective within your company to where outsourcing can help by freeing up time within the company itself. This blog will be focusing a lot on business owners from larger companies to smaller enterprises but a lot of the tips and advice will also apply to key decision makers in companies big and small.  UPSKILLING  Firstly, let's tackle upskilling. When you first launch a business it can be exciting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something everyone should know a little bit about. As a warning, I am not writing this blog claiming to be an SEO expert, but I am writing based on personal experience. My first tip before we even get into the blog is make sure you have a look at the free courses on Google as there are some great ones. So what does SEO mean for you? The more time and sometimes money you spend on your search engine optimisation means the bigger return you or your business is likely to receive. So when you enter the