Autumn is here – what changes can you bring?

Autumn is here – what changes can you bring?

We’re ten days into a brand new month (if you’re reading this when I first wrote it on Thursday 10th September 2020 of course!) and what changes, if any, are you bringing to your business? After a spring and summer where life has felt disrupted, is the autumn the time to turn over a new chapter in your company history? 

With a halt on easing some lockdown restrictions in just the last few days; it certainly looks like disruption to our normal way of life may continue for some time yet.  But as a business owner myself, who endeavours to support other companies along the way, in business we have to be resilient . And while that’s no easy task, considering we all know businesses that have had to make changes. From either closing completely or having to lay off staff. So trying something new to hopefully see us through the tough times is one of the hardest decisions we face. But change can be rewarding at the same time.

The ‘C’ Word

I can’t believe that I’m about to talk about this but hear me out! Christmas, yes Christmas isn’t actually too far away! I’ll not tell you exactly how many days it is, but if you’d like to find out, here you go! For many businesses, not that they need me to tell them this, but the festive period is a make or break point in the year for lots of companies. It can pave the way to a successful or uncomfortable 12 months to come. Meaning the run up to Christmas is a great time for changes to your business.

This year having a digital presence for the festive season is more critical than ever before. Previously, market traders, smaller brands and others may have conventionally sold their products but this year that may not be enough. With some people still choosing to avoid busier spaces and the possibility of local lockdowns and even further national restrictions, having an online space to sell is crucial, allowing you to continue whatever happens.

Website Wonders

As a result, I’m today announcing a 20% off our Ecommerce Website recommended plans between now and December 1st. Meaning that having your own website, with an online shop and secure online payment system, is now more affordable than ever. Some restrictions do apply and of course we pride ourselves on being flexible and working collaboratively towards the end goal. The discount I’m announcing today, means our starter ecommerce website can now cost as little as £707, with even our premium option £1,579; which is nearly £400 cheaper. 

Social Media Star

But it’s not just a website where you can promote yourself online; social media too can be a great tool. If you’ve previously neglected your social media pages and have struggled with what to post or not posted often enough to see any difference then now could be a good time to change that. I’m also announcing 10% off pet month on our social media recommended plans. That discount applies to those who sign up for the minimum six month term. Sharing your posts amongst friends, family, groups or on community selling pages could be a real boost. This will help you connect your brand with a new audience entirely. 

I know investing any money into your marketing right now is risky. And it will be something you will be thinking about with caution, but risks are the lifeblood of businesses. Speculate to accumulate anyone? 

And of course if you’d like to find out more or discuss what would changes would work best for you then of course get in touch with us today. Call the office on 0191 511 1439, email or drop us a message on social media. We’re here to help you and your business thrive online. And hopefully get through what has been and still is a turbulent time.  

Ethan x 

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