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Now after a year that has felt a lot different, many of us are now counting down the days to Christmas; even if it’s a quieter or more stripped back celebration. But while we all enjoy a few days off; dropping the ball before, during or after the festive season could be a costly mistake for your business. Exchanging gifts between friends and family may be something we all enjoy. However today I'm talking about someone else in your life you should consider buying a Christmas gift for.  Christmas Gifts For Business I’m of course talking about your business. The festive

Today - Thursday 5th November 2020 - England has entered a new national lockdown due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Restrictions aren’t quite as strict as the first lockdown in the spring; but high streets have shut up shop, pubs, restaurants and hospitality venues have served their last refreshments while hair, beauty and close contact services are also being halted. However, if 2020 has taught us anything it’s three things - resilience, versatility and adapting. You may be working at home or unable to open your physical business which throws up its own challenges. But today I’m looking at how

Your brand. It’s pretty central to any business, often your brand maybe simply yourself; particularly if you’re a sole trader or in a service industry where you’ve built up experience. For others their ‘brand’ may be a lot more than that; a logo, a certain style and a way of thinking are just a few examples. Depending on your business will depend on what’s right for you but one thing you should always know - What is your brand?  Branding Your Business The purpose of today’s blog is to help you understand your brand better. This will help you to market your

We’re ten days into a brand new month (if you’re reading this when I first wrote it on Thursday 10th September 2020 of course!) and what changes, if any, are you bringing to your business? After a spring and summer where life has felt disrupted, is the autumn the time to turn over a new chapter in your company history?  With a halt on easing some lockdown restrictions in just the last few days; it certainly looks like disruption to our normal way of life may continue for some time yet.  But as a business owner myself, who endeavours to support

It’s been a difficult few months for businesses and spending money on expensive PR campaigns or marketing plans might not be the main priority. We understand that, but of course as a business you have to make money. Now more than ever maximising your opportunities is more important than ever. PR is all about you managing your businesses messages. So today I’m going to talk through some ways you can accelerate your businesses PR, without necessarily spending loads of cash.  Blogging  Blogging is a great way to do PR and connect with customers. However the drawback is having to write about yourself

Continuing on our social media journey, we're now at Platform Instagram! People working in business to business categories often dismiss Instagram, and they shouldn't! Instagram is a great opportunity to highlight your product or service in practise. Being based on images and videos means its ideally placed to help you how off what you sell 'in the moment', rather than trying to sell sell sell all the time. Why is Instagram so good? Well, its because of what is allowed on the platform. It declutters marketing. There's no link jamming, no spamming, no which sort of content shall I post,