Graphic Design

Your brand. It’s pretty central to any business, often your brand maybe simply yourself; particularly if you’re a sole trader or in a service industry where you’ve built up experience. For others their ‘brand’ may be a lot more than that; a logo, a certain style and a way of thinking are just a few examples. Depending on your business will depend on what’s right for you but one thing you should always know - What is your brand?  Branding Your Business The purpose of today’s blog is to help you understand your brand better. This will help you to market your

Logos are probably the most important aspect of your brand because they're your first opportunity to tell your customer what you want them to hear. They're the first thing a customer sees, and the thing that they base all their decisions off. A good logo links all the aspects of your brand together, from the colours you use to the shapes. So, how do you go about getting the right logo for you? We'll talk you through how we created Tracey from People Excellence Performance's new logo. Tracey came to us for a new logo design that will be used

It’s often said that people buy from people, but how does that work when you’re buying online and you never meet the seller? Do you really just buy from the brand? Or are you still buying from a person? How do you know you like the person you’re buying from? In today’s digital world, as a business owner, you need to make sure that who you are as a person is coming through in every interaction you have with a potential customer. And how do you do that? Well, it’s all about your brand. Your brand should tell people who you