Coronavirus: Return to Work?

Coronavirus: Return to Work?

The Prime Minister and the government have unveiled a 50 page document which has set out the phased return towards normal life with some easing of restrictions officially coming into force yesterday. 

What’s changed? 

  • Boris Johnson has actively encouraged those who cannot work from home to now return to work ‘where it’s safe to do so’ highlighting construction and manufacturing as sectors who’s employees should now be returning to work. 
  • We’re allowed out for more exercise. Under the lockdown rules imposed on March 23rd the rule said ‘once per day’ you could leave the home to exercise. Although there was never a time limit, from today we can exercise as many times as you want in theory. 
  • You can now go for a drive. Before today we should have only left our homes for essential journeys. Now the government say you can drive to other destinations such as beauty spots, anywhere in England but not into the other nations of the UK. 
  • You can also meet up with ONE other person from outside your household in a public space and while maintaining a two meter social distance. This rule has come under some criticism although the government have asked people to take a ‘common sense’ approach.  

How it affects intoitMEDIA? 

The ‘relaxed rules’ don’t have too much impact on the day to day running of intoitMEDIA. As we have throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, intoitMEDIA remains open for business and to support new businesses as well as our existing clients. Myself and Abbie are continuing to work from home to operate the business during these times. We’re meeting with clients via digital meetings (zoom is our best friend!) and are able to work on new projects and continuing work on our existing clients projects too. 

Our website, social media, graphic design and PR services are continuing without disruption, so if you are looking for support in those areas we are available whenever you are! Our recommended plans are available on our website to get an idea of the work we do and costs involved while if you’re looking for a bespoke options, please get in touch with us. 

In terms of video and photography, we are offering video and photography editing services for businesses as usual. These are priced on a per job basis so contact us for more details. We are now also looking to offer socially distanced on location shoots from June 1st, as long as government advice allows us to do this. If you want to discuss options for you or your business, please get in touch. 

How are you affected? 

For businesses, many of us have had to adapt and for the foreseeable it seems we may have to continue with the measures put in place, with working from home continued to be encourage where possible. Working from home isn’t easy, you have to jungle family and other distractions and you haven’t seen your colleagues and clients for  potentially two months now. 

For us we’ve been able to work remotely with largely no changes but our thoughts go out to those business who haven’t been able to do so and we know the enormous challenge that throws up, in a multitude of ways. We know it’s an uncertain time and many are naturally worried, nothing we can say will help with that, but we feel it’s important that businesses support other businesses. If you’re looking for some support for your business we’re always here for a chat and a ‘virtual coffee’. 

Lots of change 

We know there’s a lot of change at the minute and it looks like we’re going to face some form of disruptions in the months ahead. And here’s hoping that things start to look brighter soon and while we acknowledge that for some businesses bouncing back from this may not be possible, we hope as many businesses come through this stronger than before and ready for the next challenge. After this we can beat anything, right? 

Ethan x 

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