COVID-19: We Will Get Through This

COVID-19: We Will Get Through This

Well you don’t need me to tell you that we’re currently going through something quite unprecedented. When was the last time we couldn’t go to the football, sit in the pub or go to the gym? (ok last one I’ve never done but shh!) The point is we have an emergency on our hands and we all have to play our part in helping others and protecting yourself and those around you. 

But I don’t want to be too doom and gloom today as there’s enough of that. This is a serious situation. Everyone should be listening to the Prime Minister’s daily briefing and following all the advice. However today I want to look at how business should cope during this time. It’s not going to be easy but it’s about looking for the positives in something like this. 

If you’re facing the prospect of work drying up or completely stopping, try and use the time effectively? Can you at all diversify your business, products or services? Some may say yes, for others it’s a flat no. If you’re a service business, the simple fact is that the majority can’t open and trade until the authorities and/or yourself decide it’s safe to do so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the next few weeks or months productively. 

Service Based Businesses

If you haven’t done much on social media before maybe now it’s time to start? If you’re a makeup artist do some video tutorials, a nail technician could do a weekly top tip on how to maintain good nails. Why do this? Firstly it keeps a connection with your current clients, we’re all going to have a bit more time on our hands so it helps people remember you and potentially comment or share with friends. Secondly, it keeps your mind on the job – you have a goal in mind which can be beneficial to your mental health. Thirdly you remember exactly what you’re doing it for and it can help you be motivated, despite how hard it can be, to get back in the swing of things as soon as physically possible. 

Other bigger service based businesses can use social media to try and get bookings for later in the year – we’re looking at the summer period to start offering photo and video shoots again, so from mid-June we’re available for bookings. Obviously these will only go ahead if government and health advice allows us to, but again this will help keep you motivated and gives you and your business a goal in mind. 

Product Based Businesses

For product based businesses there is more scope to keep trading – if you haven’t started selling online before, now is the best time to try it. To do so most securely and safely you’ll need a website (you can also have more involvement that way too) but you could use ebay or amazon for simplicity. Even Facebook marketplace could be an option to try but handling cash isn’t a great idea in the current climate, so payment may be a hurdle to overcome. 

Product based businesses could also try and increase other marketing such as using social media. That’ll help you connect with previous customers and some new customers too. Continuing to get your brand in front of potential customers can be the best thing to do while we’re all socially distancing ourselves. 

We’re All In The Same Boat

All businesses can also do some forward planning or think about any changes you might want to make once things go back to normal. Anything you’ve been putting off until now – admin work or offering something different – literally anything can be a good use of your time right now. 

You don’t need me to say that the next few weeks and months are going to feel very differently. April quite often marks the ‘unofficial’ start of summer whereby weather is improving, nights are lighter and we all start socialising that bit more. This year we’re not going to be doing that just yet as we look set to face twelve weeks of social distancing. But at home you can keep ‘working’ to help yourself and your business for the future. We will get there. 

Ethan x