Does your language change with your offering?

Does your language change with your offering?

Finding the right words to describe your business is an evolving task. Many businesses are constantly adapting to changes within their industry, social change and economic impacts. And with that, the language and words you use to describe you and your business should reflect those changes and should adapt to recognise it. So today I’m looking at a few things you can do to keep up with those changes. 

Change isn’t scary

The first thing to say is don’t be afraid to change things. Since intoitMEDIA launched, less than two years ago, we have refreshed the words we use across our website and social media channels on three occasions. We didn’t do this for the sake of things but because we wanted to change our position each time to some degree. 

With the best of intentions your key customers at one stage may be different to who your key customers are now. A new target market you hadn’t considered previously, may now be a group you actively want to target. With that in mind, changing the way you sell and speak about your business is a big first step towards that. 

Don’t be too repetitive

A big consideration is to avoid using the same phrases time and time again! It’s so hard because you come up with a sentence which sums your business up perfectly but while this can be good, it can also have a negative effect. Using a mixture of the same phrases can work really well but don’t use the same one sentence time and time again as that can be quite repetitive. It’s always a balancing act between brand recognition and being on message without just saying the same thing over and over. 

This links into my next point which is to update sections that have a limited lifespan regularly. By that I mean things such as testimonials and examples of previous work. You might have a great testimonial from a great client, but if it’s the only testimonial you ever use, you run the risk of potential customers thinking you’ve only ever had one really satisfied client. 

This is why it’s always worth trying to build up as many client recommendation and case study’s as possible, and using lots of different images too. This way your business is always doing something different and not always relying on the same stuff. We all have that client who said something brilliant about you; but use them sparingly and mix them with others too! 

React to what’s going on

Another thing to always bear in mind is to be topical. Social issues, news events and other wider factors may mean your product is more in demand than previously. If that’s the case; can you change your marketing materials to match this? Use this to your advantage to try and engage a new audience who may now need your products or services. 

All of these ideas will apply to some sectors more than others; but they’re all worth bearing in mind when looking at how you operate your business. Don’t keep the status quo just because you’re not sure what else to do. Try something different and if you need to go back to something similar to what you had before, you can do so easily. And remember change doesn’t have to mean big changes, small tweaks can be just as effective. 

Ethan x 

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