Gifting this Christmas

Gifting this Christmas

Now after a year that has felt a lot different, many of us are now counting down the days to Christmas; even if it’s a quieter or more stripped back celebration. But while we all enjoy a few days off; dropping the ball before, during or after the festive season could be a costly mistake for your business. Exchanging gifts between friends and family may be something we all enjoy. However today I’m talking about someone else in your life you should consider buying a Christmas gift for. 

Christmas Gifts For Business

I’m of course talking about your business. The festive season can be a great time to invest some money into your business. And it could help accelerate your brand to new levels. Achieving a boost in brand awareness and the ability to reach new clients and customers which in turn can create extra revenue in a year when we all need it. 

Now it could be that a new admin system, accounting software or a HR platform. And while these may not exactly feel like a ‘money maker’, they can of course bring efficiency and free up time. As a man working within digital media though, right now could be a perfect opportunity to invest some cash into that side of your business; giving your marketing a festive or new year boost. 

Graphic Design and Websites

Most businesses will probably already have a logo or brand in place as it’s probably one of the first building blocks to starting a new business. Likewise, a website for a vast amount of businesses follows next as something that’s key to have. However, it’s important to remember that these things probably should adapt as your business grows. Of course trends and technology change too. So a Christmas update or New Year refresh is something that could be the marketing push you need. 

At intoitMEDIA our recommended plans can help businesses find the perfect solution for them. Within our graphic design plans, we offer a three tiered brand package depending on the size and requirements of your business. However we also offer bespoke literature design too. This means smaller brands can enjoy a personalised leaflet, business card or roller banner that isn’t just an online template easily forgotten. 

For our website plans we split into two categories; versatile and ecommerce. Our versatile websites use WordPress and offer a flexible solution that can be tailored for most businesses to offer a modern website that meets all your requirements. Our ecommerce websites meanwhile provide a more affordable bespoke platform to sell your products online with secure payments as standard. Visit our service pages or get in touch with us to find out more. 

Social Media and Public Relations 

While websites and brand packages are perhaps larger one off investments. They do have a longer life span, but social media and PR is a little different. Investment for your business in these areas often need to be little and often. Good social media content is something that needs to happen on a weekly basis to keep up traction with your audience. While PR is something that may need to be happy on a less regular basis. But it is still a monthly commitment that you need to consider. 

Within these areas, our recommended plans offer ongoing monthly plans which mean your business has a regular stream of social media content or blog posts. For social media, we offer ‘just the content’ plans which are more affordable solutions that keeps your audience engaged. But we also offer ‘combined plans’ which provide the content mentioned but crucially also look at data. For instance how well the post performed with shares, likes and comments. 

For PR, our monthly editorial plans offer businesses the opportunity to have things such as bespoke blog posts, a newsletter or regular articles written for your brand. We also offer media campaigns which combine a number of services into one plan. This can help with a rebrand or relaunch to your business. It could also help when you have new product or service to launch with much fanfare. 

We are also offering 20% off any recommended plan up until the 22nd December 2020. So right now could be the perfect time to give your business a gift this Christmas. As always, get in touch if you would like to discuss your business’s digital output – we’re always happy to help. 

And with that, its my last blog of 2020! Thanks to everyone who has read our blogs this year – we always appreciate it. To all the clients we’ve worked with this year too, we wouldn’t be here without them, so a huge thanks to them. In a year of so much change within the wider world and at intoitMEDIA, we look forward to 2021 with a degree of optimism albeit tentatively. Finally, have a very Merry Christmas and stay safe. 

Ethan x 

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