Logos. How can I get a good one?

Logos. How can I get a good one?

Logos are probably the most important aspect of your brand because they’re your first opportunity to tell your customer what you want them to hear. They’re the first thing a customer sees, and the thing that they base all their decisions off. A good logo links all the aspects of your brand together, from the colours you use to the shapes.

So, how do you go about getting the right logo for you? We’ll talk you through how we created Tracey from People Excellence Performance’s new logo. Tracey came to us for a new logo design that will be used online and on any printed materials she might use.

Now there are lots of programmes and masterclasses available so you might able to create a logo yourself. As with most things, remember to weigh up your time learning how versus the money you’d spend. Graphic designers already have the software and experience behind them to create something technically and visually good.

First things first

The first thing we did was sit down with Tracey (via Zoom, until restrictions are lifted!) to discuss what she wanted to portray through her logo. We had a chat about what sort of words she’d use to describe her business, which colours she likes and dislikes, what shapes does she associate with her field. If you’re not sure about these things, I wrote an article here about how to make decisions like this!

Some of the words Tracey highlighted about how she wants her business to be seen

We talked about shapes, with triangles and circles being some of the symbols that highlight growth, facilitation and simplicity. Initially, we thought a triangle would be a good shape with the three long words to make up the shape. It just didn’t quite work when we got to the drawing board though!

The Drawing Board

Then we went away to think through some of our ideas and to see which ones would work and why. The triangle shape was too angular to work with just the lettering, and using any other shape seemed to make it disjointed. Some of the colour combinations we wanted to use just didn’t look right either; orange green and blue were surprisingly hard to put together!

We ended up with three logo designs to show Tracey.

We liked this one because of the symbology of the flower growing. It also had the triangle shape, and the colours felt clean and vibrant, which drew us towards the ideas of growth, vision and positivity. The outline of the words to the right suggests stairs, which leads towards the idea of improvement and performance.

Similarly, this logo design is bolder in colour and shape with the outline of the stairs highlighted by the purple. The colours here are less harmonious, but balance each other well, and would work well in black and white print too. The design is more contained here, a bit neater than the flower.

We were least confident in this design. It’s much quirkier, more colourful and more informal than the others, which we worried would be too much. It was a good contrast to the other designs so we could help Tracey narrow down the style she wanted.

So which logo was it?

After showing Tracey the designs, we decided that none of them are quite right. The flower design just isn’t what she wanted. The stairs could have been a good logo for her at an earlier point in her business logo and the speech bubbles were the closest. They needed to be bolder in colour and have more energy throughout the shape. The font was good though, it inspires a relaxed but clear and friendly response. So we focussed on how we could do that- the colours definitely got bolder but the energy still wasn’t quite there!

We chatted about what was good about the design and decided that it was the speech bubbles because they suggested how People Excellence Performance works. This lead to a conversation about what other imagery can tell that story; we’ve all seen tangled thread become untangled and more useful!

So then this idea, and the final logo was created. The thread being wound onto the spool, the colours and the action created the energy and depth that the other logo designs didn’t quite get.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you create the logo of your dreams, get in touch today! We can do everything from logo design up to entire brand packages, including printing.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie x