How To Accelerate Your PR

How To Accelerate Your PR

It’s been a difficult few months for businesses and spending money on expensive PR campaigns or marketing plans might not be the main priority. We understand that, but of course as a business you have to make money. Now more than ever maximising your opportunities is more important than ever. PR is all about you managing your businesses messages. So today I’m going to talk through some ways you can accelerate your businesses PR, without necessarily spending loads of cash. 


Blogging is a great way to do PR and connect with customers. However the drawback is having to write about yourself or your business – it’s not as easy you might think!. Without proper planning, it can also be time consuming. However the positives outweigh the negatives; blogging can improve SEO if done correctly. This means your website may end up appearing higher than it would on a search engine. 

Blogging can also connect with potential customers and clients in such a personal and direct way in a method not really emulated anywhere else. Even social media posts, are often wrote from the ‘business’ perspective. Whereas blogging is generally personal and can therefore connect with the audience on a much more intimate level. Blogging is also a longer format than most others, so while that brings its own challenges, it does give you opportunity to explain something in more than just a couple of words. 

Press Coverage  

Now this can sound like a big step within your PR plan and potentially even costly – but it really isn’t. The trickiest bit is here is actually finding something newsworthy to allow you coverage in the local press. Whether that’s within newspaper, radio station or television news. All of these situations have strict editorial guidelines though. A run of the mill business initiative probably won’t get you on the telly. However if you find the right innovative story about your business, a great social impact you’re having or a service or product that’s the first within your area – then you could be onto something. 

Editorial coverage is free in these situations and coverage like this is unrivalled in terms of getting messages out to an audience. One of the first places to start is by writing a press release. More often than not it’s worth getting a company to do this as they probably have contacts at the place your wanting coverage, but you could write it yourself. Press release should be written from an outsider perspective. So detach yourself from your business and don’t go over the top. Some journalists may copy and paste a press release straight onto a website or newspaper, but most will edit the copy and combine that with their own words. However either is great coverage for your business. 

Email Mailing List  

Many of businesses having been collecting email addresses from clients and customers but not doing a lot with them. Using these details to your advantage within PR could be a real winner for your business. The law has changed in the last couple of years with four letters that scare any business owner, administrator or data handler – GDPR. However, depending on how such email addresses were collected and on the proviso that you offer a clear opt out button, you should find yourself on the right side of the law. 

If you are going to start an eNewsletter via email distribution then check the data privacy aspect first. The next point is to make sure you keep it interesting for your audience. An 1,000 word ‘meet the CEO’ might not be as engaging as you think. A few short stories with pictures, colours that match your branding and eye catching headlines (find your inner-newspaper journalist!). Another thing worth considering, is to try and offer a voucher within your newsletter for a different product or service each week. That way you could remind the audience to check back each time to get the discount on offer.

Media Campaigns 

Now this is the most costly option of the four things I’m about to set out today. The first three are likely to cost you very little and mainly just time to prepare. At intoitMEDIA, our media campaigns are designed for things such as a product launch, events or maybe even a rebrand. They combine a number of our services into one PR package, mixing in press releases, social media and photography/video. 

Media campaigns are designed for businesses or organisations who want to make an impact and really want to stand out by going full steam ahead with a project. Our media campaigns are priced as a fixed one off cost but the campaign is split across a time frame. This means our campaigns can cost as little as £211 per month of the campaign. So while you will need to set aside some cash, the impact and revenue you could gain from it, can more than make it pay for itself. 

They key to PR, like most things, is about commitment. If you’re going to start a blog or a email newsletter then make sure you decide how regular you’re going to do it and stick to it. With press coverage or a media campaign, it’s about keeping on track and putting as much resources into it as you can. Starting something and then not following it up could mean you’ve lost any gains. 

Good luck 

Ethan x