Language vs Images

Language vs Images

It’s been a little while since I last wrote a blog post and for that I apologise, I’ll not bore you with the usual ‘we’ve been ever so busy’ because who isn’t? Anyway, today I’m talking a little bit about words and photos and which is more important. Just think about that for a second, if you could only have one or the other would you choose words or photos? Tough one I say. This was something myself and Abbie were chatting about in the office this week after seeing many social media posts about World Book Day (Ps. If you didn’t see numerous photos of friends sharing their children’s world book day costumes you’re doing Facebook all wrong).

Words Are King?

As someone who’s background is steeped in words – I studied both English Language and Literature at A-Level, did a degree in Journalism and have written many a press release – I obviously love words. I understand the power of language and how effective the right language can be in marketing your business. Or of course alternatively how damaging use the wrong language can be in missing your target audience or diluting your brand. I look after the PR side of things at intoitMEDIA and our recommended plans including editorial writing (blogs or news articles for your website) because this is something that can be time consuming when trying to run a business but it’s important to get right. I’ll say it again I love words! 

Photos Are King?

Having said that though where would we be without photos? There’d be no Instagram for a start (that’s an interesting thought isn’t it?). But the old phrase does go ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and it’s hard to argue with that. Our recommended photography plans are tailored to businesses who don’t need a photo shoot every week but need to capture their business ‘in action’ to help step up their marketing.  But can a photo really tell the full story of a business? Photos can be manipulated and altered in a way that you can’t do with language, or at least not to the same extent. 

I’m aware this is currently just my internal musings and I’m not sure I’m even trying to say which one is better if I’m honest. It’s more about taking a critical look at how we use both in our marketing and how we can learn lessons about investing in our own brand by the language and images we use. 

What We Did

At intoitMEDIA if you check out our home page we’ve just made some fairly big changes to have a focus on the words and photos we think represent us and our brand values. intoitMEDIA is a professional, personal and local company that helps businesses innovate, create and accelerate. About eight months ago we went across the region taking lots of new photographs out on the road as well as photos of us and the way we work with clients. We felt this wasn’t currently being reflected across our marketing so we decided to make a change, for us it was time investment.

We had whole days going from coast to countryside and the cities in between right across the North East to take some wonderful images of our beautiful region. Other days where our office became a studio setting to get some ‘in action’ working shots. We got lots of great images and lots of them are now live on our website. It took a little bit of planning and took quite a bit of time just taking the images, let alone uploading them, reviewing them and editing them ready to go live on the website. 

At the same time, we also reviewed the language we use, we completely started again on some areas and others we subtly amended. Only just recently we decided on our new company slogan ‘Innovate. Create. Accelerate.’ which are three words that we feel are powerful, strong and ambitious, something which we see in intoitMEDIA. The message of today is about taking some TLC to your marketing, are you happy with it? If not, why not? Having words and images that reflect your business is the starting point to great things, it’s not just good, it’s essential. 

Ethan x