Let Your Photos Tell The Story

Let Your Photos Tell The Story

In 2020 photos really are everything; from your website to your Instagram feed and everything else in between you should always be thinking about the next photo. Keeping your website photos updated where possible will help your website look fresh, each time your customers or audience come back to visit. 

What Should A Photo Do?

The important thing to remember is that a photo should tell a story in its own right; in many cases a photo shouldn’t really need text or a caption at all. The old saying “a photo tells a thousand words” is true. Words are important of course but it’s also about thinking critically about the images you use and what you want them to say about you and your brand. 

At intoitMEDIA we use what we call a ‘cluster’ images on our home page that combine images that we feel reflect our brand. The clusters include images of myself and Abbie working on projects, us meeting with clients and photos of locations around the North East. These images we hope give visitors to our website an understanding of what we are; professional, personable and local (to the North East). 

We’ve previously talked about using stock photos sparingly and it’s always worth thinking before just using stock images. Sometimes stock photos can work really well, especially if you haven’t got time or cash to afford a big photo shoot. Having said that, even just photos taken with a good quality phone camera can sometimes be a big improvement rather than relying too much on stock images. Stock images can work but they often feel corporate or perhaps ‘a bit too perfect’ at times and sometimes images that are your own can be more authentic to your brand. 

What Can You Do

I want to say that you can never have too many photos! But you definitely can have too many! However do get into a habit of taking photos from different angles and take some portrait and some landscape. If you manage to follow that, you’ll have photos that can roughly suit anything you need them for. Different social media platforms and other digital and print formats are all going to suit different sizes and shapes of images. 

Investing some time into your photos is also very important, you should be always considering when you can get new photos. Taking new images when it’s appropriate will help you to continue to improve and update the photos you use across social media, your website and other printed and digital media.  

Also make sure you think about what photos work well in each situation, know what your target market is and be aware of what that image should say. If it’s for your website on a page about where you’re based, a photo of the city where you’re located is going to give people an immediate answer. So always consider the usage of your image and what the story behind that image is.

Ethan x 

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