Platform Twitter

Platform Twitter

We’re continuing our marketing train journey, but this time we’re stopping off at Platform Twitter!

Twitter is quite often overlooked in terms of social media. Maybe its because people would rather be on Facebook (because it’s the oldest) or Instagram (because it’s pictures). Even platforms like TikTok are becoming busier and busier as people jump on the bandwagon (or train?!).

But do you know your way around?

Do you know how to get the best out of your business from Twitter?

Or, do you know why Twitter isn’t for you? It’s not for everyone!

We can help you decide! 

Who is on the platform?

Twitter works a bit differently to Facebook and Instagram. There’s a much stronger gender bias for one, with nearly 66% of users identifying as male.

The audience skews towards the ages of 18 and 29 with 38% of users, whilst 26% of users are 30-49 years old. This is a bit younger than Facebook and the reason could be in how people use the platform.

71% of Twitter users say they use Twitter to get their news. This suggests that its often younger professionals looking for accounts who can keep them up to date. It’s not just big news platforms like the BBC or Sky, people want to be on Twitter to keep up with the latest news in really niche areas.

Professionals and academics use the platform to network, staying on the cutting edge of knowledge with new articles and research being released and publicised. As a platform, there is much less focus on being personal, or even social, but an increased focus on news and politics.

Twitter Tools

There are loads of great tools for Twitter that you can use externally. Buffer for example, is what we use to schedule all of our social media. Most scheduling tools will also include options to view analytics which is great if they’re all in one place. You can also access them for free, in Twitter itself.

The analytics are great and help you compare performance over this 28 day period against the previous period of time. They do this for impressions (how many people see your tweet), profile visits, and new followers.

They also do a monthly overview which gives you your ‘tops’. So things like your top media tweet, your most influential follower, your best tweet all appear on a month by month basis. This helps you to make decisions like is it worth producing video for Twitter? Who should I try to build a relationship with? Do my followers like personal content or industry news?

You can also add conversion tracking to your website so you can see how many visits to your website come from each Tweet. The wizard that Twitter uses to help you create and install the tag is quick and easy to use to so don’t be put off if you’re not that technically minded!

Abbie x