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Sunderland Shorts Film Festival

Sunderland Shorts is a four-day film festival that celebrates filmmaking talent from all over the world. They work with the biggest talents in the film industry and local universities in supporting creative talent in the North East.

Sunderland is the only non-capital city to sign a Friendship Agreement with Washington DC. Established in 2014, it developed in collaboration with DC Shorts which has gone from strength to strength. It’s now one of the most successful film festivals in the USA.

Part of the challenge of running a successful festival is the marketing campaigns! A website and social media content are vital in a marketing funnel, developing the online audience, therefore increasing the number of tickets sold. We kept everything updated as one of our jobs for the 2019 festival.

Each year the website is refreshed. This maintains the feel of the festival, along with brand guidelines supplied by Sunderland City Council, consequently ensuring it’s attractiveness to the local audience and the people submitting films.

intoitMEDIA created the new website and updated the new entries, and of course, the winners. The website was maintained in line with the branding across all of the other platforms because effective marketing is familiar.


“intoitMEDIA was procured by Sunderland City Council to provide website building services for the 5th Sunderland Short Film Festival in 2019. From the start I found the team to be a very dynamic team with a host of ideas and solutions to bring to the important build- up and promotional strategy for 2019. Although the company was procured to design the festival website for 2019, the variety of complementary skills that the intoitMEDIA team brought to the project gave a real boost to the impetus of our marketing strategy. 2019 was our most successful festival to date, due in part to intoitMEDIA’s contribution and I would have no hesitation in engaging intoitMEDIA again on future projects.”

– Anne Tye, Festival Director, Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, Sunderland City Council