Petmitts portfolio


Petmitts is an eCommerce business that takes the love for your pet one step further. It allows you to print your pet’s ‘mitt’ onto a variety of products, memorialising them forever.

The process is completely safe and really simple. The whole process follows four simple steps from start to finish. The kits come with instructions and the inkless wipe leaves no mess, making it suitable for all of our animals. You and your pet could have all sorts of personalised items, giving you a new connection between you and your pet!

They needed a website to begin trading online. It needed to allow users to upload their pet’s ‘mitt’ to the website and choose which product they’d like to print on. One the list of requirements was secure payments and an easy to update stock list. They also wanted social media platforms for Facebook and Instagram. Twitter also needed managing as a pre-existing account.

intoitMEDIA developed an easy to use website (for both clients and owner), with secure payment gateways and useful stock management systems. We also created their social media platforms to build an effective funnel to the new website, so the audience are converted into new customers.