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TyneHealth is a GP federation representing the 27 practices in North Tyneside. They work with local hospitals, practices and patients to provide community-based health services. They deliver improved health care to the community (215,000 people), by bringing care closer.

TyneHealth needed a new identity. The brand was the same since they were founded in 2006 and it was time to refresh the company image and create a fresh new look, linking patients and medical professionals together. Despite the brand’s new look, everything needed to send the same messages; professional, supportive, knowledgeable.

intoitMEDIA helped with creating a brand new logo for the federation together with a brand package that was both professional yet modern. We also designed the new company website and set up their social media channels.

The brand package looks at everything from font, to colours. For example, the brand uses Times New Roman as its secondary font. This is due to its popularity and trustworthiness. It’s been used as a print type in legal, government and academic documents since its inception, and this means its instantly recognisable as an ‘official’ and therefore trustworthy text.

The new website provides information about Tynehealth itself and the services on offer to the public and their doctors. It needed to look good, be easy to read, and feel modern. We developed some custom solutions to display all of the information without making it crowded or overwhelming