Stay Social in Lockdown

Stay Social in Lockdown

Today – Thursday 5th November 2020 – England has entered a new national lockdown due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Restrictions aren’t quite as strict as the first lockdown in the spring; but high streets have shut up shop, pubs, restaurants and hospitality venues have served their last refreshments while hair, beauty and close contact services are also being halted. However, if 2020 has taught us anything it’s three things – resilience, versatility and adapting. You may be working at home or unable to open your physical business which throws up its own challenges. But today I’m looking at how you can stay social in lockdown and maintain your connection with customers and clients. 


As a business owner, resilience is needed and 2020 has only reaffirmed that. Most businesses have faced some disruption which in many cases has had big impacts on their day to day operations. If you’re forced to close because of the new lockdown, it’s a worrying time. But while things may be difficult, connecting with customers is something you should still be doing. From pubs to hairdressers all who are unable to work, using social media during this period could be a good way of keeping yourself relevant. 

A few posts on your business Facebook page or tweeting every so often means you’re reminding customers you’ll be there when lockdown ends. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing someone else in your industry to make gains because you’ve let your social media slip away. Beauticians, why not offer some advice for all those who can’t get to their appointments they would have had and pubs could offer a Facebook Live pub quiz. Keeping an online presence could be a key marketing tool for when reopening venues and businesses does happen. 


Being versatile is always a good thing in business. However, now more than ever, having the innovative spirit to move into an online environment could be the key to success in this lockdown period. While we call it social distancing, it does not mean we can’t ‘socialise’ in a virtual environment. We’re not having physical contact or meeting up, but we can make new connections and strength connections you already have. 

If you haven’t done online selling before or if you’ve maybe only done a little bit of social media before – don’t worry. Doing nothing is probably the biggest crime. Trying something new, keeping a regular digital presence and finding new ways to keep you business moving is what we will work wonders. You can do social media yourself however our monthly plans can take some of the pressure off. 


Now versatility and adaptability may be quite similar but I’m making a distinction between someone operating their business in a versatile way. A market stall holder moving their products to an online marketplace for instance. However, in this section I’m thinking about someone offering a new product or service entirely. It could be similar to what you already offer but is still distinctly different. 

Getting online with your business, and potentially offering a different product to normal, is something that could be a great lifeline to keep some level of cash flow and profitability. The use of your own social media to promote your products available to buy online is a great way to increase your sales. Digital marketing is growing and growing and businesses who haven’t considered it before, should now more than ever. 

It’s no doubt that these are difficult and testing times and for businesses and it’s a worry that looks set to continue for some time at least. Operating your business with these three words in mind, should help yours remain social in lockdown and potentially even stay profitable too; Resilience, Versatility and Adapting. 

Ethan x

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