Trying something new in lockdown… Video!

Trying something new in lockdown… Video!

We’re all being tested right now in lots of different ways. The elderly and those with existing health conditions having to living a life of shielding away for 12 weeks; we’re all having to manage without seeing any of our friends or family we don’t live with for the forceable future; and those running businesses large or small are having to adapt. And if you’re one of the latter – trying to run a business – we’re in the same place as you right now. 

At intoitMEDIA we’re working from home and making use of everyone’s new best friend ‘zoom’ so myself and Abbie can keep in touch as well as conducting meetings with our clients. And it’s a testing time for us as we look to bring in new projects as well as continuing to support our current clients. For lots of us business is slower than we’d like and while it’s an obvious cause for concern with overheads piling up and income sliding, the one upside is having more time on your hands. 

We’ve talked a lot about making use of this time to your advantage or more importantly to your businesses advantage. Now is good time to look at your marketing, social media being an almost a certainty for most types of businesses but video is also growing by the day. Due to the current Covid-19 social distancing and lockdown measures intoitMEDIA isn’t able to offer video or photography shoots but there is ways to do video from home and intoitMEDIA can however support with editing footage. 

So here’s a couple of ways to do video while on lockdown: 

Types of Video

  • Live Video: It’s been around for a while now but live videos can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers. You could answer question from members of the public about your business, update about where you are in terms of remaining closed or any future reopening plans. This is a great of putting your business and you yourself in front of customers in a digital format, you’re still able to connect with them while we can’t physically. 
  • Recording Video: Obviously you can’t really do a big photo or video shoot right now but what you can do is record it yourself and edit it together. The benefit of recording a video and editing it with pictures and other materials, such as your logo, means you can have a more polished video and can make it a bit more interesting than just you sitting talking at camera. This could be particularly useful for doing ‘Top Tips’ for hairdressers or beauticians so clients can at least attempt to do their beauty regimes at home. 
  • Using your story: Another good way to do short bursts of video content is to make use of your Instagram and Facebook story. This works for shorter, very quick bits of content.
  • Graphics/Pictures: If you’re a bit nervous about appearing in front of camera trying to do a video without you being in it, is another option. This is probably the most difficult to do yourself but the good thing is that intoitMEDIA can still help producing this sort of video. Using a variety of images of you, your business, your products or services and mixing in with your logo, graphics and text can be a great way to help promote what you do. 

At this point and while you’ve got more time free, trying out some video content is a useful thing to do, even if it isn’t the best thing you’ve ever done, you’ve tried something new and it may pay off. Video is a great way to interact with customers and clients and could help bring in new business during a difficult period for lots of us. 

With anything though there is a few points to keep in mind for the best results.  Like I say, I wouldn’t worry too much about it being perfect but if you can follow some of these it could pay off even more so: 

A few things to remember

  • Facebook likes longer videos: Ideally, Facebook’s optimum length of video is 3 minutes and they advise all video posting to the timeline to be longer than that. You can post video that’s shorter but they do recommend it’s over 3 minutes. I wouldn’t advise doing a live video unless you think it’s going to be at least three minutes and anything shorter I’d say try using your story. 
  • Use video across all channels: Make an impact by posting on your website where possible and across all social media platforms, usually I’d say tailor for each platform which if you can then do but if it not it is still worth making use of the video as much as you can.  
  • Plan in advance: Particularly if you’re doing a live video, but even for all types of video have a plan in mind before you start. Sometimes you can just waffle on for the sake of it (comment about me waffling right now, not needed!) so having a few bullet points on what you want to say and what to include can be a huge bonus. 

We hope the lockdown is causing you too much difficultly and stress and try and keep positive where you can. If you do try some video content for the first time then let us know vis our social media. 

Stay safe 

Ethan x