Websites: Why We Use WordPress

Websites: Why We Use WordPress

If you don’t know what WordPress is, that’s okay. If you’re working in web design or other digital media, you may know what it is but generally it’s not a widely known platform. WordPress is a content management system that can be used to build, manage and update websites. At intoitMEDIA, we use the platform as standard for our websites and today I’m going to talk about why we do so. 

Versatile means versatile!

One of the first reasons we use it is because it’s versatile and our ‘versatile websites’ need to be… erm Versatile! The WordPress content management system has a good balance of being able to do lots of different things. Some quite complex tasks during the build, but also is relatively easy to manage on an ongoing basis. Some clients who we’ve built websites for have gone on to manage it themselves, doing all updates and changes. 


For us WordPress provides a platform which combines all our core needs from websites. It’s easy to secure, manage updates and able to build visually appealing websites which are both on trend and fulfilling what businesses need their websites to do. WordPress is adaptable whereas we’ve found other platforms are a little static; you can’t always move things where you want them or get something to display in a certain way. With WordPress we’re generally able to do whatever the client wants, within budget and time constraints! 


There’s also a big team of support available for businesses. WordPress has its own support team but there is also support from fellow developers who produce plugins, that are used on the websites. WordPress is also so widely used that there’s lots of forums offering support and help with any fixes you may need. And if you do stumble across a problem, the WordPress team can support you to get things running as you want them too. 


We also use WordPress for our e-commerce websites too, using the WooCommerce system. This is one of the most sophisticated but relatively easy to use systems combining great security with flexibility for businesses selling online, from large organisations to small start ups. The good thing about using WordPress across both means our versatile website clients can later add e-commerce functionality. You wouldn’t have to necessarily start from scratch either, you could keep the same look and configure WooCommerce behind the scenes; adding the ‘shop element’ to your existing website. 

There’s lots of little things that make WordPress our number one choice. The ability to have a number of different users. The amount of plugins available from a variety of developers. And relatively easy customisation options. Our recommended plans all use WordPress and it is our preferred options for clients. Including for all websites we build, manage and maintain. 

Lots of website builders will have their preferred systems and that might differ from ours; which is fine, as everyone has their way of doing things. We did initially offer custom coded websites but we’ve made a decision to move away from this. WordPress definitely works for us, does it work for you? 

Ethan x