What To Do With Your Brand

What To Do With Your Brand

Your brand. It’s pretty central to any business, often your brand maybe simply yourself; particularly if you’re a sole trader or in a service industry where you’ve built up experience. For others their ‘brand’ may be a lot more than that; a logo, a certain style and a way of thinking are just a few examples. Depending on your business will depend on what’s right for you but one thing you should always know – What is your brand? 

Branding Your Business

The purpose of today’s blog is to help you understand your brand better. This will help you to market your business moving forward. First decide how much of an important part YOU are to the brand. That will help you decide how much the marketing should reflect that. For example, if you’re a sole proprietor or the only director, you may decide that you are central to the company brand. You should probably feature heavily in the marketing materials outputted by the business as that helps build an audience around you. 

If though you’re a growing business with a few staff members, maybe even a joint partnership with two or more directors then perhaps more work needs to be done to create a ‘brand’ that is less people specific. The brand may be based more on values and outcomes from using that business. This doesn’t mean people can’t feature – in fact most businesses should use people! – but they might be less important to the overall brand. 

A Good Logo

With all brands though a logo is the basic necessity. While this may be vastly differ in importance; it does just help people make a visual connection with your business and brand. Logos can come in a variety of complexities. At intoitMEDIA we offer basic logo designs starting at £325 ideal for smaller businesses who want a simple long term solution that can be utilised across signage, literature and social media. 

For lots of other businesses though more than just a logo is required to create a ‘brand’. It’s about having different elements and a number of ready to go brand materials that create an all encompassing package. Our tiered recommended plans include brand packages; meaning we have the option of packages starting at £645 and moving up to £1545. We also then have a middle option priced at £955. These packages come with a brand guide and social media templates meaning they’re great for versatile marketing campaigns. Our Plus option also includes ready made digital graphics and our premium package comes with letterhead and business cards designed as standard. 

No matter what the branding requirements are of your business, from needing a basic logo to a premium brand package some things remain the same.

Three final thoughts from me…

Firstly, think about clarity. Sometimes a nice swirly font may look great but actually is it easy to read? If clients or customers have to double take to actually read your business name then it’s perhaps a bit overcomplicated. 

Secondly, colours are key. I’d always say to start with colours! Think about what background colours will be used, how will that contrast with the font colour? And if there’s any other elements within the logo or a tagline what colour will they be? Colours don’t always have to be bright, it all depends on your business. With that in mind, always have a transparent version one without a background colour! (this comes as standard at intoitMEDIA to help with long term versatility) 

And thirdly, always think about where the logo will be used; picture how your logo will look in all scenarios; from your social media profiles to your shop front signage and from your website to your business cards. This will help inform how the final design will look and if maybe you need a slight variation between some formats. 

Ethan x 

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