Why is video great?

Why is video great?

Why is video great? Well firstly this isn’t the quick answer you might think! Today I’m going to be looking at how you can create video for your business, why you should use it and where you should use it for maximum impact. Visual moving content has become a dominant force in digital marketing and is now something that everyone should be at least trying. 


Firstly, video is more engaging. How do most people unwind at the end of the day? Netflix? TV? Gaming? So it’s hardly surprising that it’s important when it comes to marketing. We can consume video; moving images, graphics and sound without even thinking overly about it. Having said all this just simply putting a random video on your social media platform without any thought isn’t going to be some instant fix. 

Video is proven to be a key marketing tool with up to 45% of businesses saying that video content was their key marketing tool in 2019. It also doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. There are ways to keep costs down. Video also tends to stand out more than other content. And best of all, video is probably the most versatile marketing tool; you can use the same piece of content for your social media channels as well as on your website etc. 


Platforms like Facebook are becoming increasingly dominated by video and Instagram and Facebook ‘stories’ are becoming more popular too. It’s worth considering trying to do something similar for your business but as for all types of marketing know where your customers are. Not all businesses are going to have customers on every platform. At intoitMEDIA we advise having a presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and in some cases, LinkedIn too) as it just covers all bases. Having said this, concentrate efforts on what you consider to be the main focus of your businesses marketing. That maybe all four platforms but for others it could be just the one platform.

Video is also increasingly becoming part of website design. Opening your website with a video of some sort – or at least having some on your homepage – is more common than ever before.  It can also be used in lots of other settings too, at a conference, at a meeting, at an exhibition or at product launch. Video tends to be quite versatile for a variety of uses. 


The way to do it is the most important thing here. How do you create video content that actually serves a purpose. It could be simply a live video on your social media platforms; this is probably the most simple to do. You could even do it from a tablet or smartphone and it’ll probably take the least amount of time of any type of content. However there are some drawbacks. The first is that these can fall into the trap of being a bit bland – the nicest office in the world isn’t always the best video location! So if it is against a white wall make sure you’re engaging your audience or if you can walk about and show the audience different areas. I feel like I should mention within social distancing guidelines at this point! 

At intoitMEDIA our shoots offer a full day or half day shoot of up to eight hours which can enable you to bank lots of video content in one go. The benefit here is that while the initial shoot might be a significant investment for your business; you could edit this footage into videos across the next 6 months or even the next 12 months! And we also offer video editing too; so if you’ve got the footage already we can just give it a professional polish. 

There’s lots of ways to do video and there’s also lots of things not to do when producing it! But the most important thing is to try and see what you can within your business constraints. We know it’s a difficult time for businesses recovering from lockdown and Covid-19, so stay safe and keep trying to move forward. 

Ethan x

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