‘Work From Home’ tips

‘Work From Home’ tips

We’re now into our third week of this ‘lockdown’ situation where we are being told to stay at home and only to leave our homes for food and essential supplies or once per day for exercise. And many of us are now trying to deal with the ‘Work From Home’ routine – there is a Fifth Harmony* song of that name which is loosely related and I’ll add a link at the bottom. (*Fifth Harmony are an American girl band where Camilla Cabello found fame, a product of X Factor USA) 

And as many of us start working from home; our bedrooms, dining rooms and garages are being turned into makeshift offices to allow people to continue to do their jobs remotely. But if you’re one of those trying to get used to working, sleeping and relaxing all in the same house, then here’s a few tips to keep you going! 

Get dressed 

Set an alarm and get dressed as normal. Now it may be tempting not to do this but it will give you a sense of normality which you may be thankful for in these challenging times. Have a shower or bath and wear roughly what you would normally. More than anything else it’ll get you in the mindset of work and prepare you for the day ahead. 

Keep to a routine 

Keeping to a routine is key; if you’re employed you may have been told to keep to your usual hours of work but even if you’re running your own business try to keep to a set time frame. Have an alarm on, hours of work set and a lunch break decided. This will make it feel just like work as much as possible as well as keeping a work-life balance by separating your work from downtime. 

Create your office space 

If you’re working from home for the first time then another good tip to help you get in the right mindset for work is to have an ‘area’ to work in. From the dining room table, the breakfast bar or even a bedroom dresser could be used as a temporary desk set up. Keeping this area for work helps you to separate work from non-working time. Also having a work area away from the TV/front room can also avoid you getting distracted by Phillip and Holly on This Morning! 

Keep in touch with others 

If you work in a team or in an office keep in touch with colleagues over the phone. Even if it’s not absolutely essential to keep in phone contact, social interactions can be important for your mental health and may actually prove to be more productive. If you’re emailing or messaging clients or customers, consider calling them instead. While we’re all socially distancing, more than you might think may appreciate hearing a different voice than those they live with.

Turn off the computer! 

Once the working day has ended, it’s important you switch off and ‘go home’. Obviously you’re already at home so make sure you log off your emails and turn off your computer at the same time you usually would. If you’d not usually answer a work call or reply to an email then the best advice is don’t. There’s very little that can’t wait until the next day. 

These tips are all just a guide to help us all through this unprecedented time and the challenges we face in working from home. Let us know on our social media any tips you have! 

Ethan x 

Oh and here’s Fifth Harmony, Work From Home – it’s intoitMEDIA’s lockdown anthem I feel!